Casey Hebert

I am a Christian family man, a husband, and father of three wonderful kids. I grew up in South Louisiana where hunting and fishing has always been our passion. I really enjoy traveling out of states hunting annually to experience God’s wonderful creations and making new friendships along the way. Engineering, welding, and fabrication has been my 2nd passion; striving to be different in unique designs. Warren and I live 15 hours away, yet God had a plan for us to come up with the same design, all while never meeting each other. After we met, we KNEW it was meant to be, and now partnered up for our first ever product (Telescoping Climbing Sticks) that will be sure to help many hunters of all styles. The best part is there are many more products we already have lined up and coming soon. It’s just the beginning of HYPE!

Warren Holder

Although I have a love for hunting, my true passion lies in making products that genuinely help the outdoor industry and are useful. For years I have worked on making a set of climbing sticks that are light, easy to put on my pack, and still get me to the height I want in a tree. After meeting Casey, we were able to take both of our ideas and hard work together to produce the most innovative and versatile stick to ever hit the market!

David Holder

I am the proud father of two boys, Warren and Easton, who I get to work and hunt with everyday. I have been hunting for more than 40 years and the best part of it all has been sharing memories with my family and friends. All those years combined have left me with all kinds of crazy stories, great ideas, and an experience level you can only learn by trial and error. As my goals as a hunter get closer and closer to being accomplished each season, I turn my focus to benefit others by letting them learn from my mistakes, and taking ideas of products and bringing them to life.

Easton Holder

Hunting and the outdoors has been instilled in me since I was a baby. Needless to say, I have probably spent more time outdoors than I have anything else. I would never change that, especially because it has allowed me to experience all kinds of hunting, products, and styles of hunting. Which, in turn, allows me to think of ways to make products better or create all new ones. Hunting as my passion and benefitting the outdoor space is my goal.

Raised Hunting

With 10 years in the outdoor space and a loyal following, we felt like producing these sticks would not only help us hunt the way we want, but allow others to do the same. Raised Hunting has always been about Family, Hunting, and Education. What fits better than inventing products that helps all of you be more successful in the woods?