All New Versa Sticks

Easy Packing, Easier Set up.

Unrivaled Packability.

1 stick to pack, 3 sticks to climb.

Unrivaled Engineering.

Integrated locking steps to ensure safety with each step.

Offset Straps

Making "Kick-Out" Impossible.

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Versa Sticks

The most groundbreaking and innovative climbing sticks to ever hit the market. Introducing the Versa Sticks, the first telescoping sticks to ever be created! Never before have you had the capability to carry in one stick, 23" in length, that extends to 3 full 18" climbing sticks. With the size of 1 stick to pack, weighing 6 pounds, you can take these anywhere. The most compact, quick, easy, and functional way to be mobile!

Versatility Is Key
Ultimate Packability

Take 3 completely seperate 18" sticks, and combine them to make one 23" single stick to get the most room out of your pack.


Our mission has been set to build the most innovative products to ever hit the market. At HYPE, anything is possible. Along with making quality products, we always put God, Family, and Freedom first. All of our products are made in the USA with quality and effectiveness as a top priority. Thank you for being apart of HYPE!

Made In The USA

Hype is proudly 100% built in the USA. With our passion to benefit the hunting community, we also make it a point to support our troops and first responders. Make sure you take advantage of our discount, just for you, as a thank you from us.

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